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Materials and Chemicals

We help you manage chemical products safely and meet global compliance requirements.

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Our solutions, knowledge and analytical intelligence helps manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers manage chemical products safely, meet global compliance requirements and safeguard human health and the environment.


Testing and Certification of Plastics

Our expertise of the plastics industry enables us to help you ensure that your standardized, engineering and high-performance polymeric materials comply with global standards. UL tests and certifications help mitigate the risks of fire, electric shock, personal injury and environmental hazards while demonstrating the performance of the materials for specific applications.

These testing and certification services are designed to reduce complexity and manage risk, while helping you to meet your quality and safety requirements. With a UL Certification, you differentiate your materials in the market. We test to a number of standards, dependent on anticipated product use, including:

  • ANSI/UL 94
  • ANSI/UL 746A-D
  • UL 746H and UL 746R
  • UL 588
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 0.17.92

Electrical Insulation Systems

Today’s complex electrical systems demand greater diligence in verifying that individual insulation materials can, and will, perform safely in shared environments.

The UL 1446 “Systems of Insulating Materials” covers the guidelines and test methods for evaluating the thermal performance and chemical compatibility of insulating materials and their interaction as a whole under heat load and other stresses (mechanical, cold shock and moisture).

UL offers several options to demonstrate compliance to UL 1446. The three most common evaluations are: Full Thermal Aging Testing, System Adoption Process and Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing.

Other alternative compliance options offered by UL are: Defined Life Thermal Aging Tests, High-Voltage EIS Full Thermal Aging Tests, and Short-Term Thermal Aging Test for Motors.

Demonstrating compliance with this de-facto standard paves the way for manufacturers to meet the requirements for the applicable end-product standards.

Marking and Labeling Testing and Certification

Many products must be permanently marked or labeled with specific safety-related information such as hazards, warnings, cautions, installation instructions and electrical ratings. We test and certify marking and labeling systems and materials for adherence to established performance requirements. Whether it is regulatory requirements, predefined customer specifications or certification requirements, we are able to provide the services you need.

Our evaluations for marking and labeling systems include comprehensive testing for permanency — such as curling, wrinkling, shrinkage or loss of adhesion — when a mark or label is exposed to environmental conditions such as high humidity, water, elevated temperatures, sunlight or chemical agents. Testing also typically includes an evaluation of legibility and resistance to defacement.

Automotive Materials Testing

UL supports you along the entire product development and automotive supply chain, from the planning and design phase, to material selection up to the final Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for an optimized time to market.

Product iQ

UL Product iQ™ combines UL Safety Certification information trusted around the globe with the intuitive design and functionality of a modern search engine. This powerful tool features:

  • Robust and intuitive search features, with filtering options
  • Access to UL guide information
  • Ability to search by application, functionality and more

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Iluminator de UL aprovecha la calidad y la potencia de la base de datos reguladora de la Lista de Listas de UL (anteriormente conocida como LOLI®), con acceso personalizado e intuitivo. Con más de 6.500 listas reguladoras de más de 130 países en todo el mundo, Iluminator es el recurso número uno para que usted comprenda cuales son los requisitos necesarios para cumplir con los estándares ocupacionales, ambientales, de salud y seguridad para crear la Hoja de Datos de Seguridad y etiquetas. Una cuenta individual, con filtros por país, sector y tipos de riesgos y alertas automáticas, le permite rastrear y monitorear fácilmente los cambios regulatorios químicos.

SDS Authoring & Labeling

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) authoring and labeling software is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries. These solutions streamline the documenting process and greatly improve the accuracy of information provided with a lot of regulatory requirements included in the software. In addition to greatly reducing the time and costs required for the preparation and distribution of SDS documents, the software enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDSs using a secure web-based platform. Based on your business needs, we’ll be able to recommend a solution that will meet your budget, implementation timeline and allow for a seamless integration with your technical infrastructure.

Chemical Regulations

UL’s Navigator™ highlights the main chemical regulatory requirements for over 50 countries across the globe. These concise chemical regulatory summaries compile the most important obligations in a single location. Summaries are authored and frequently updated by our global regulatory specialists, whose primary responsibility is the monitoring and reporting of the regulations in their given country.

Supply Chain Network

Despite the heavy investment of man hours from companies up and down supply chains to manually provide and process accurate and complete product related information, the volume of product questionnaires often becomes unmanageable. The demand for information ultimately weakens the reliability and integrity of the data and its value in the supply chain for making critical business decisions and managing compliance.

UL’s Supply Chain Network is a powerful digital platform to help companies across supply chains intelligently share, collect, analyze and manage product related data while keeping critical formulations and proprietary data confidential. This powerful software enables buyers to quickly and easily create replicable frameworks in a secure environment for suppliers to provide required information accurately and timely while minimizing internal resources.

Materials & Chemicals

UL Prospector

UL Prospector® offers accurate, reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of plastics, chemical products and ingredients from suppliers around the world. With a Prospector account, product formulators, engineers and developers can:

  • Find materials, technical information and suppliers quickly and easily
  • Search by material type, supplier, application or functionality
  • Stay informed with industry trends and information

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  • Testing and Certification of Plastics
  • Electric Insulation Systems
  • Marking & Labeling
  • Automotive
  • Product iQ
  • Prospector


  • Chemical Regulatory Content (link to the Illuminator page)
  • SDS Authoring & Labeling
  • Chemical Regulations Monitoring
  • Advisory, Registration & Chemical Policies
  • Supply Chain Network
  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Digital Media

Why UL

Our comprehensive testing, certification, assessment and regulatory compliance services are designed to foster innovation, enhance product and process quality, enable safety and help differentiate your products in the market. UL is a leading global provider for the testing and certification services for plastics and other chemical products’ components.

We support your drive to produce safe products for the users and the environment while driving brand value by mitigating your risk with quality assurance and supply chain compliance. Our team of regulatory experts around the globe are always available to assist with regulatory challenges and they use our software solutions daily to help companies like yours comply with regulations and minimize the time it takes to get products to market.
We help ensure product safety and high-quality performance, and also speed your product’s time to market.

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