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Local Payment Card and Terminal Testing in Mexico

UL Solutions now offers local payment card brand certification and terminal (point of sale) testing for banks, card issuers and other customers in Mexico and Brazil.

Man paying for a bouquet of flowers with his smartphone using contactless payment.

August 16, 2022

UL Solutions now offers local payment card brand certification and terminal (point of sale) testing for banks, card issuers and other customers in Mexico and Brazil. Providing these services locally significantly reduces card and terminal shipment times and customs processing, empowering customers in the region to shorten their time to market.

Based at an office in Mexico City, technicians from UL Solutions interact with customers in their local language and transact business in local currency. In addition to local payment card certification and terminal testing, pre-certification services help customers prepare for the formal approval process. The team in Mexico City plans to offer additional services locally, including in-field testing at customers’ sites.

About the UL Solutions laboratory in Mexico

At its laboratory in Querétaro, Mexico, UL Solutions conducts the following payment services and training:

  • Visa card validation in all form factors and different communication interfaces
  • Carnet card certification for contact cards
  • Carnet terminal certification 
  • Advisory in a variety of payment areas, such as EMV, ISO 8583 based protocols, card brand specifications, testing tools operations, test plan development, card profile creation and testing materials development
  • Specialized training, for example, EMV Masterclass, Brand Test Tool (BTT) operation, Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) Operation, EMV in Transit, 3DS, Contactless Payment Masterclass, ISO 8583-Based Protocols and Mobile Payment Masterclass
  • Laboratory on-demand solution allowing customer-specified testing in a UL Solutions laboratory. Fast and clean process for testing, validating and submitting your terminal for brand certification.

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