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Locate our offices and laboratories in Latin America

UL in Latin America


UL has been operating in Brazil since 1998, with operations in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Brasília. Our quality and our commitment to life security are attested by our accreditation in the São Paulo unit as a Product Certification Body (OCP) by CGCRE/INMETRO under the number OCP0029 and in the Porto Alegre unit INMETRO's CGCRE Accredited Testing Laboratory under number CRL 0377. We continue to work for a safer world with customers, governments, importers, manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

Brazil Offices

Porto Alegre
UL Brazil Lab
Avenida das Indústrias, 135
Porto Alegre – RS
Bairro Anchieta, 90200-290
Telephone: +55.51.3095.8600

São Paulo
Av. Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini, 105 – 24 ° andar
São Paulo, SP, 04571-010
Telephone: +55.11.3049.8300
Email: [email protected]


In Mexico, UL offers various types of services related to conformity assessment in the most varied certification schemes or modalities, established in the Policies and Procedures for conformity assessment, in the Procedure for conformity assessment of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-014-ENER- 2004 and corresponding NOMs, if applicable.

We are accredited and approved for Product Compliance Certification based on Official Mexican Standards (NOM) and Mexican Standards (NMX).

Mexico Offices

Ciudad de México
Blas Pascal 205
Los Morales
México D.F., 11510
Telephone: +52.55.3000.5400
Email: [email protected]

Santiago de Querétaro
Blvd. Bernardo Quintana Sur 302,
Santiago de Querétaro
Mexico, 76090


UL has extensive knowledge of the Argentinian regulatory system and the compliance requirements necessary for products to enter this market. We are accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA) and recognized by the National Directorate of Internal Trade (DNCI) to certify all products according to the standards of the Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

In addition, we provide authorization to manufacturers and importers to use the “S” mark, required by DNCI together with the Argentine UL-AR mark. In the case of products, components and systems that already have pre-existing certifications, we can recognize the certifications issued by UL in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Japan and Denmark, to validate them according to the local certification system.

Argentina Office

Avenida Corrientes 800, 39th floor, office 104
Cdad. Aut. de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, C1043AAU
Telephone: +54.11.3984-2600
Email: [email protected]


UL is accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC) and recognized for certifying products in accordance with the Technical Regulations of Colombia. We offer certification for products that meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), UL Standards and international standards, for exporting products bearing the UL Mark to other countries.

We grant authorization to manufacturers and importers to use the local UL-CO Mark required by the country to import products that apply the Technical Regulations of Colombia. In the case of products, components and systems that already have pre-existing certifications, we can recognize the certifications issued by UL in the U.S., to validate them in accordance with the local certification system.

Colombia Office

Cr 62 #103 -44 Oficina 305
Edificio Torre del Reloj
Bogotá, Código, 111121
Telephone: +57.1.745.8603
Customer Service: +57.1.745.8604
Email: [email protected]

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