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Rely on our expertise, integrity and deep understanding of regulatory requirements to help you protect your brand and streamline bringing appliances to your target markets.

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Trusted appliance testing and certification experts

Work with us to strengthen and protect your brand. We are trusted experts in product safety and performance testing, in addition to being the leading global certifier for UL and IEC based standards. We’ll work to help you mitigate the risks of bringing technically complex and innovative products to market.

Appliance testing and certification services

Our engineers can help you maximize your return on investment in the appliances space through offerings that include:

  • Safety testing and certification
  • Performance, energy efficiency testing and verification
  • Advisory services
  • Global Market Access
  • Connected technologies and cybersecurity

Testing and certification services for a diverse appliances industry

  • Household appliances
  • Commercial and professional appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Power tools and lawn and garden machinery
  • Door, gate and window operators and systems
  • Components and controls
  • Pool and Spa

Testing and certification for commercial appliances

Our services for commercial appliance manufacturers include gas-fired/electrical safety testing, food equipment sanitation, international certification, electromagnetic compatibility assessment and energy certifications.

We help you meet the complex challenges of today’s competitive global market with services that streamline safety, energy efficiency and performance testing to international, national and regional standards.

Working with a single, experienced service provider means that you gain measurable cost- and time-saving benefits. No need to submit the same product over and over to earn the multiple certifications required to bring many commercial appliances to the global market. And if you qualify for our Data Acceptance Program (DAP), you can further reduce assessment time by conducting testing in your own facilities.

Small appliance testing and certification

We have been working with small appliance manufacturers and retailers for more than 100 years. We aim to simplify the safety certification process while still providing the highest level of engineering and technical expertise that our clients have come to know and expect of us. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings includes services for manufacturers of:

  • Electric fans and ceiling fans
  • Heated pads/heated bedding
  • Household food preparation and cooking appliances
  • Personal grooming appliances
  • Animal care appliances
  • Motor operated massage and exercise equipment
  • Portable heaters
  • Vacuums and blower cleaners
  • Electrostatic air cleaners
  • Air fresheners and deodorizers
  • Insect and rodent control appliances
  • Electric household food service appliances
  • Hospitality use appliances
  • Sewing and cutting machines

We also offer the UL Verified Mark program which provides independent confirmation of your product’s key features or benefits to help set your product apart in a crowded market.

As retailers and consumers alike look forward to the next generation of products, the window of opportunity in this highly competitive market has become shorter and shorter.

We are uniquely positioned to increase speed to market through our comprehensive portfolio of service offerings for safety certifications, claims validation, EMC testing, energy efficiency testing, prototype reviews, performance, product benchmarking and reliability testing, sustainability assessments, custom on-site training and Global Market Access services.

Entrust your brand to our experts in HVACR testing

Our experienced engineers are at the forefront of industry technology, driving heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry compliance through their active leadership in HVACR standards and programs development, industry technical groups, and global conferences. We can help you meet evolving global regulatory expectations in the sectors of:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Commercial refrigeration

Our team of knowledgeable engineers can help you maximize your return on investment in the HVACR space with:

  • Safety testing and certification
  • Performance, energy efficiency testing and verification
  • Advisory services
  • Global Market Access solutions
  • Connected technologies and cybersecurity services
  • Flammable refrigerants testing
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Benefits of working with appliance compliance leaders

Our full suite of services helps you meet your business goals and empower trust by:

  • Providing decades of advanced international technical and regulatory expertise
  • Helping to solve critical safety, security, sustainability and interoperability challenges
  • Providing guidance to navigate regulatory and global market compliance
  • Helping to ensure that appliances are safe and secure to deploy for use in an increasingly end-user centric and connected environment
  • Offering world-class compliance training to help the industry meet constantly evolving global regulatory expectations
  • Our dedication and support of innovation, emerging technologies and addressing risks that come with connected devices

Why UL for appliance compliance?

We’ll help your products stand out in an increasingly global and competitive market. From commercial to residential environments, our services can boost confidence in the safety and performance of your most innovative offerings, supporting you in your drive to reach your target markets efficiently and build customer loyalty.

  • Verify performance claims to differentiate your products in the market
  • Improve your time to market with our responsive experts
  • Expedite your access to major markets worldwide with our accredited global laboratories
  • Leverage a complete bundle of enhanced services that address your most complex challenges
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