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LED Lightings


From safety testing and certification to performance testing, global market access, sustainability and beyond, UL Solutions has the lighting knowledge you can trust to be your single-source provider.

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UL Solutions lighting testing and certification

Learn about safety and performance testing capabilities to UL Standards, IECEE CB Scheme, and more.

UL Solutions' lighting services      

The lighting industry has undergone major changes in recent years as new technology has developed and light-emitting diode (LED) technology has matured. While legacy technologies (such as fluorescent and incandescent) still retain viability, solid state lighting has become universal, and lighting as a service and internet of things (IoT) connected lighting both have impressive growth potential.     

You may know UL Solutions for product safety and certification services, but we continue to innovate to meet the needs of the lighting marketplace, including offering services beyond testing and certification. Leverage our safety science expertise across the many lighting market segments and let us help you stay ahead of the latest industry trends. Our offerings encompass testing and certification services for ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lighting, solar and photovoltaic lighting, horticultural lighting, Li-Fi, smart lighting and controls, human centric lighting and beyond.  

UL Solutions' lighting testing and certification      

Work with us for the highest level of service in lighting testing, safety certification, performance Verification, quality assurance, advisory services and beyond. We keep you informed on requirements so you can stay ahead of issues that might affect the flow of inventory. Our combination of global reach and local presence allows us to deliver innovative, customized solutions to streamline testing and simplify the certification process.   

From the every-day to complex projects, partner with us for your lighting safety testing needs.

  • Our extensive lighting technical knowledge comes from our engineers, who are committed to partnering with our customers throughout the project to explain the certification process.
  • We help you bring innovative products to market fast, working with you to get ahead of potential safety issues and avoid late-stage production problems that can result in recalls and returns.
  • As lighting technology and systems grow in complexity, our knowledgeable engineering team is uniquely positioned to help you meet certification requirements.
  • UL Solutions helps your customers identify high quality products and provides an important differentiator in a crowded market.
  • The UL Mark has global recognition and acceptance with code authorities. In Europe, we are authorized to certify to the EN standards and use the ENEC 15 Mark where we are the certifying body.

Our services to the lighting industry extend beyond safety. We offer performance testing with UL Marketing Claim Verification and field evaluation services. Explore our limited production service program and other ways that UL Solutions has the flexibility you need to get the most from our services.

UL Solutions' lighting performance services   

UL Solutions' technical experts are committed to providing performance testing services that meet the high expectations of the lighting industry. Our services are designed to support your business needs and range from UL Marketing Claim Verification, to measurement of performance and energy efficiency, to assessment of photobiological risk factors and even to the safe packaging and shipping of your products through ISTA package testing.

We can help you to better understand your product’s performance characteristics, earn key energy efficiency certifications or differentiate your product in the marketplace with independently with independent UL Verification. Partner with UL Solutions to leverage the advantages of:

  • Flexible, localized service from UL Solutions laboratories across the world with performance testing capabilities
  • Development of performance metrics as new technologies emerge in the industry
  • Verification of product, marketing or other customized claims that differentiate products in the market
  • Flexibility to meet customer testing needs, including ultraviolet photobiological and ingress protection testing, and other environmental measurements needed for emerging lighting technologies
  • Evaluate and test to the requirements of Energy Star® and other efficiency programs, and qualifications for the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and their Qualified Products List (QPL)
  • ISTA and package testing capabilities that help resolve shipping and damage claims, aimed at helping to improve your bottom line

UL Solutions' connected lighting

As lighting systems and IoT smart lighting take the industry beyond functional illumination into lighting as a service (LaaS) to encompass multiple data and connection categories, the challenges of going to market are becoming increasingly complex.

UL Solutions is committed to focus on connected lighting as the technologies converge and will meet the new demands emerging around Li-Fi, smart homes and buildings and the growing emphasis on lighting as a component of a connected ecosystem. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cybersecurity  
  • Interoperability
  • Testing to protocols like DALI-2 Certification
  • EMC and wireless testing such as Bluetooth®, Zigbee and Thread

Residential and consumer lighting services

UL Solutions has a long history with traditional and decorative lighting in the residential and consumer segments, offering core services of safety testing and certification, performance and energy efficiency, Global Market Access and connected lighting services.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting for the home, consumers and retailers recognize and trust the UL Mark on lighting products. Our global team actively participates in standards development and can help keep you ahead of the curve on new and evolving regulations and industry standards.

Smart homes

For years, the changeover from legacy technologies like fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LEDs and energy efficiency concerns dominated the lighting market. Now, emerging connected technology is bringing smart lighting for smart homes to the forefront, and Li-Fi and other developments on the horizon will continue to have an impact.

UL Solutions adapts with the needs of the industry, and we know that in addition to functional and decorative lighting, manufacturers and consumers alike are looking for lighting systems and controls that can integrate with other types of IoT devices to create smart homes with greater comfort, security, lower energy consumption and added value. Let us help you make the transition from lighting as illumination to lighting as an integrated service and fulfill your cybersecurity needs.

Commercial and professional lighting services

Commercial and professional lighting is one of the most diverse segments in the lighting industry, with applications in office, warehouse and commercial spaces, along with specialty lighting needs for healthcare, hospitality, entertainment and more. Trusted and recognized around the globe, UL Solutions provides safety testing and certification, performance and energy efficiency, Global Market Access and connected lighting for all lighting categories.

Manufacturers, municipalities and specifiers recognize and trust the UL Mark on lighting products. Our global team actively participates in standards development and can help keep you ahead of the curve on new and evolving regulations and industry standards.

Smart buildings

The adoption of connected lighting technology into smart buildings is a key driver in the lighting market as integrated systems add value, functionality and light source optimization. Whether its meeting cybersecurity requirements, adding Li-Fi capabilities and adapting to emerging IoT technology, or integrating with building automation systems, we know that building owners and managers are looking for solutions.

UL Solutions adapts with the needs of the industry; let us help you make the transition from lighting as illumination to lighting as an integrated service and fulfill your cybersecurity needs.

Ultraviolet germicidal lighting

UL Solutions offers resources for manufacturers incorporating ultraviolet-C (UVC) radiation into various product forms for sanitization and germicidal purposes. Due to the worldwide pandemic, public areas, schools, hotels, businesses, hospitals and more are looking for safe, certified products that can help keep spaces clean and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Visit our UVC webpage for the latest information and contact UL Solutions to discuss your options for safety testing and certification, performance and photobiological testing, outlined guidelines for site and product safeguards, and more.

Key resources

MCV for Color Rendition TM-30-20

3.76 MB

Global Lighting - English

6.6 MB

UL 8800, Published Standard for Horticultural Lighting Equipment

1008.02 KB

UL S 8000 Horticultural Lighting Performance Certification

1.52 MB

Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Devices: What Consumers Need to Know

1.17 MB

UL 8802, the Standard for UV Germicidal Equipment and Systems

574.14 KB

UL 8803, OOI for Portable UV Germicidal Equipment

339.85 KB

UL is DiiA-accredited expert for DALI-2 protocol testing

1.3 MB

NOM Lighting Info Sheet

186.95 KB

DLC QPL Horticultural Lighting Info Sheet

488.94 KB

Lighting Performance Testing and Certification Services

1.89 MB

UL 8801, Standard for Photovoltaic (PV) Luminaire Systems

191.34 KB

Lighting Controllers

574.3 KB

UL Marketing Claim Verification for Lighting

927.98 KB

Introduction to IECEE and CB Scheme

1.88 MB


1.16 MB

Battery Run Time MCV for Photovoltaic Lighting

5.28 MB

Why UL Solutions in Latin America?

UL Solutions has the engineering expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to handle testing for safety, energy efficiency, performance, and retail protocol in the lighting industry. In addition to our established laboratory in Brazil, the new laboratory opening in 2022 in Querétaro, Mexico, will expand our capabilities in Latin America.

  • Local and global customers can utilize our services around the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) program and annual retesting requirements for export to the U.S. and other markets.
  • In addition to NOM, UL Solutions offers market access to North America, Latin America and broad global market access with solutions for importers, dealers, manufacturers and exporters.
  • Retailers seeking to strengthen their product quality and supply chains can leverage ULSolutions' expansive retail capabilities, including vendor qualification testing, retail protocol and quality assurance testing, audits, inspections, product reliability and advisory services.
  • Our new laboratory in Querétaro expands UL Solutions' engineering team, building on three decades of well-established engineering and customer service capabilities in our Mexico City office.
  • In addition to lighting, our laboratory will also serve markets including commercial refrigeration, engineering materials, wire and cable, automotive, retail protocol testing, and more.

Working with UL Solutions as your trusted partner, retailers benefit from our global reputation built around transparency and technical proficiency in safety and performance testing. At UL Solutions, we leverage the following resources in our work with you:

  • State-of-the-art testing equipment for lighting
  • High quality working practices
  • Expanded testing space
  • Technical expertise with local and regional engineering support
  • Efficient turnaround times and flexibility
  • Local service staff that can respond quickly and in the local language
  • Global presence 

Contact us to request a quote or to learn more about how UL Solutions can help with your lighting testing, surveillance and market access needs.


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