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Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage: Sourcing New Substitutes

Get your business moving forward by sourcing alternate components that have been evaluated and Recognized by UL for similar applications.

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April 23, 2021

Updated on June 16, 2021, to reflect the impact of the microchip shortage on an increasing number of industries.

Computer chip shortage reaches the crisis point

After hitting carmakers, the global chip shortage impacted several industries including consumer electronics and the world of commercial and home appliances, HVAC and lighting, and medical manufacturers.

The chip is the brain within an electronic device, helping it function, be powered, and stay connected. The scarcity of chips is due to bigger demand for personal computers and other electronics in the home for work and school during the pandemic. The effects of the shortage are now impacting several industries worldwide.

To avoid the disruption and economic impacts the shortage could cause your company, UL can support your business and help accelerate your time to market. 

Three steps to help mitigate supply chain challenges

If your organization is experiencing component supply issues, the following three-step process addresses how to conquer component sourcing fast and efficiently.

Step 1

Leverage our vast, complimentary UL Product iQ® database of components to source alternate suppliers and components. If you do not have an account, you can quickly create one and instantly search for components. 

Step 2

When you have chosen the alternate components that best fit your product needs, we can perform accelerated component performance equivalency testing to help ensure that your alternate component will perform as well as, or better, than your current one.

Step 3

Our laboratories and expert engineers are available to rapidly perform end-product evaluations using the alternate component to include in your product certification.

This three-step process helps you source quality components that have been evaluated and recognized for similar applications to get your products to market with minimal disruption.

For more information, contact your local UL representative to get started today.


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