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Mexico changes scope of NOM-024 for Commercial Information Requirement

Fewer electronics must now meet new requirement. UL can help speed market access for the change.

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November 26, 2020

The Mexico Ministry of the Economy in early November reversed, in large part, a repeal of the commercial information requirement (CIR) exemptions it enacted Oct.1 for NOM-024-SCFI 2013.


The October change had required compliance to commercial information requirements, such as manuals and markings, in various standards, for nearly all electronic, electrical and household appliances, as well as their accessories and consumables. The products can be new, rebuilt, used or second hand, as well as spare parts, accessories and consumables.


The latest change requires exempts from CIR rules for products and spare parts that will not be sold to the public.


These exempted products are deemed highly specialized and do not require instructions, labels or warnings because they are installed by specialized technical personnel from the supplier.


Products that are sold to the public still fall under CIR requirements, requiring that they  have a letter of commercialization or labeling guidelines at customs or the point of sale. These include 2 new categories of products exempt before the Oct. 1 change.

  • Products that operate with electric energy are now required to comply with the commercial information requirements in NOM-024
  • Electrical components and spare parts such as power cords, internal and external power supplies, electrical switches, and motors that are shipped separately now must comply with the information requirements in NOM-050-SCFI-2004 if they are in the scope of NOM-024-SCFI-2013


UL can help you comply with the changes to avoid delays because UL is an EMA accredited and DGN authorized Verification Unit.


If you have already shipped a product under the scope of NOM-024, UL can provide a Commercial Information Dictum at customs. Impacted products that have no proof of compliance to the Commercial requirements will be held in customs or at the customer’s warehouse until issuance of a Commercial Information Dictum from an accredited Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) and a Directorate General for Standards (DGN) authorized Verification Unit.


The Mexican authority is prohibiting any TIC companies from issuing NOM-024 Commercial Information Letters for products outside the scope of NOM-024. For products with this letter, customs will not delay shipment or open the product packaging. You must request that customs reach out to the DGN to issue this letter.


Please contact your local office or your account manager for a quote and have the following information ready:

To obtain a commercial information dictum, provide

  • Name and type of product(s)
  • Trademark(s)
  • Model(s)
  • Quantity of each unique model in the shipment
  • Custom or warehouse location where the verification visit will be conducted

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