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UL Approved for Remote INMETRO Certification

Increase speed to market with continued INMETRO certifications.

medical testing tubes

December 21, 2020

Remote INMETRO audits approved due to COVID-19

UL was granted authorization to perform remote audits under INMETRO Ordinance 377/2020 indefinitely, during the public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reshaped ordinance will allow UL to carry out INMETRO medical device certifications for factories located anywhere in the world, making the process faster and more practical.

UL is accredited by CGCRE - General Coordination for Accreditation of INMETRO as a Certification Body for the local INMETRO-scheme to conduct healthcare product approvals for Brazil. With remote auditing, UL can now provide auditing efficiency, broad access anywhere in the world, in-depth customer service, help to mitigate risk and improved speed to market.

With 5 simple steps it is possible to have an INMETRO certificate of conformity:

  1. Verification of relevant regulations and standards applicable to each product
  2. Product review documentation
  3. Testing
  4. Manufacturer and applicant audit
  5. Certification

UL's experts can assist you and help carry out the steps required for certification. We offer qualified and dedicated engineers and auditors for your certification process.

Find out more about UL's COVID-19 services.