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UL Provides New Features to Improve your Certification Search

Enhance your certification search experience with premium tools from Product iQ™.

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October 20, 2020

Premium features from Product iQTM

On Sept. 17, UL Product iQ introduced two new premium features and began offering the first month of premium subscriptions for free.

In addition to the free, user-friendly Product iQ search platform, premium tools are available to help users search more efficiently. As a part of UL’s commitment to provide robust digital solutions to help our customers, Product iQ has introduced several new features to make certification related searches easier for engineers, product safety specialists, compliance professionals and others leveraging the tool.

A premium Product iQ membership allows users to proactively monitor certification changes, produce and provide certification documents for customers, more easily conduct and repeat regular queries and add certification data to existing analyses. These features are intended to meet the needs of the variety of users who rely on Product iQ for UL Certification information.

With a premium Product iQ account users can:

  • proactively monitor changes to a saved search or file with email alerts
  • easily produce and print confirmation letters
  • save complex or regularly needed searches
  • tag and group content to customize searches 

Beginning Sept.17, premium users are now also able to export certification information to reference later or incorporate into component analyses

All of these time-saving features are now available via a free 30-day trial. To get started with a trial, simply login to an existing Product iQ account and  upgrade today.

Premium features are always free for authorities having jurisdiction and Product iQ users belonging to agencies or organizations that are UL partners. To request free, premium access, please go here.

About Product iQ

Product iQ is the online location for UL certification information. Introduced in 2018, this tool is designed to help professionals quickly and easily confirm UL Certification data. Powerful search features allow users to search by file number, category control number (CCN), model number or other keywords.

Advanced iQ plus search tools facilitate refined searching in many industries. These free, customized search tools are available for:

  • finished goods
  • building materials, systems and installation codes, including:
    • fire rated roofs, walls, floors, beams and columns
    • firestop systems
    • exterior wall systems
    • continuity head-of-wall joint systems
    • joint systems
  • materials, including:
    • appliance wiring materials
    • gaskets and seals
    • plastics
    • wire and cable
    • wire and cable materials
  • authorized service providers, including:
    • authorized label suppliers
    • qualified firestop contractors
    • qualified Spray Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) contractors
    • medical management systems registered firms

UL is committed to expanding both free and paid functionality within Product iQ to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.