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Engineered Materials Services in Mexico

Learn more about UL’s testing, certification and advisory services for automotive materials, components, and wire and cable at our Querétaro laboratory.

Interior of Mexico laboratory

Located in the Kaizen Industrial Park complex and adjacent to the Querétaro International Airport, UL’s laboratory in Mexico offers product safety and performance testing for engineered materials for the automotive and wire and cable industries. These efforts support the local market as well as exports to the United States, Canada and countries throughout Latin America. Fully equipped with the latest technologies and expert engineering capabilities, our team in Querétaro is committed to providing you with unmatched full-service support to help you get your products to market faster.

Solutions for automotive materials

Our expanded capabilities for engineered materials testing in Mexico enable us to support you along the entire product development and automotive supply chain for an optimized time to market. With our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals in the automotive industry, we can help you meet your specific needs. Our solutions for the automotive industry include:

  • Preparing and producing samples for testing
  • Predicting environmental performance via simulated weathering, thermal cycle, climatic aging, infrared radiation (IR), corrosion, and humidity testing
  • Mechanical testing to evaluate a material’s performance in tests for tensile strength, impact, compression, ball indentation, flexural test, vibration, mechanical, and shock
  • Life cycle testing to evaluate the durability of automotive components

Product testing and market access for wire and cable 

The laboratory offers local testing for safety certification for the UL Mark and performance claim verification for the North American market for wire and cable products. Electricians, contractors and end-product manufacturers look to the UL Mark to source cabling that meets their safety and quality requirements. 

Product categories covered: 

  • Appliance wiring materials (AWM) 
  • Flexible cords and cables
  • Low-voltage building wires

We also offer testing services for the Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM) Mark certification, as well as for NMX standards covered under the scope of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-063-SCFI-2001, Productos Eléctricos – Conductores – Requisitos de Seguridad.

Why UL

As a global safety science company and a leading provider in plastics and wire and cable testing, we can help you achieve compliance and mitigate risk across the entire supply chain, access global markets faster, and clearly differentiate your products in the ever-changing competitive marketplace. Our strong history in certification and collaboration with industry leaders on standards development makes us a trusted expert in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on us for knowledge and technical expertise to address safety issues amid emerging technologies and products. Working with us allows you to take advantage of our cost- and time-saving service efficiencies to help you reduce your time to market.

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