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Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve Certification for Retail Fuel Trade

UL helps ensure compliance with the suitability of pressure and vacuum relief valves in fuel tanks

Man at a gas station pumping up his car with fuel

September 14, 2020

UL is now performing inspections and certifications of pressure and vacuum relief valves, based on the requirements described by Decree No. 22 of FEPAM (Fundação Estadual de Proteção Ambiental Henrique Luiz Roessler/RS), published in 2019.

According to FEPAM’s Decree No. 22-2019, the certification of valves is voluntary throughout Brazil, except for Rio Grande do Sul. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the certification is mandatory, but without accreditation.

In order to consolidate the procedures and criteria used in the licensing and environmental control of the retail fuel trade activity and to continuously improve the water, soil and atmospheric pollution control systems of this activity in Rio Grande do Sul, the resolution establishes the criteria, procedures and premises for the environmental licensing of enterprises, considering the relevant rules and legislation.

The measure incorporates subsequent phases of licensing for gas stations, such as the treatment of effluents and the mandatory emission control system of fuel storage tanks.

To control atmospheric emissions in the activities of the service stations in Rio Grande do Sul, the Ordinance establishes that each compartment of the underground tanks must have an independent pressure and vacuum valve. The installation of the valve and the respective pipes must be located at least 1.5m from the spherical radius of any building, a minimum height of 3.7m and in a location that allows easy dispersal of vapors. After 3 years from the publication of this Ordinance, only pressure and vacuum relief valves that have a certificate of conformity issued by a certifying body can be used. In addition, any company that has installed valves in disagreement with the caput of article 28 must provide their replacement within the same period.

The Ordinance also confirms that the undertakings may have to do the maintenance of the pressure and vacuum relief valves installed in the vents of the fuel tanks.

“The maintenance of the pressure and vacuum relief valves must be carried out by a qualified technician, and the document called 'Maintenance report of emission control system for fuel storage tanks' must be generated, according to the model in Annex I, which must contain, at a minimum: the name and qualification of the technician who performed the maintenance, the date of the performance, the company name of the company in which it provides services, as well as the maintenance description report and the signature of the qualified technician, duly accompanied by the Note of Technical Responsibility (ART) of the Class Council of the professional responsible for it. ”

UL is qualified to assist you and helps ensure the compliance with the suitability of these pressure and vacuum relief valves.

For more information on Decree 22 of FEPAM in Portuguese, please click here.


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