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Financial Services

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As digital payments become more prevalent across the globe and consumer expectations for a wider range of payment options grows, ensuring payment security becomes a critical challenge. This is where UL steps in, providing our customers with trusted payment expertise for their business and their customers.

Payment security

E-commerce and Online Payment Security

With so many transactions taking place online, you need a dependable payment solution your customers can trust. Your customers expect to have an easy checkout experience while you expect to have a secure, globally interoperable payment system. That’s why you need an entire solution and not just another payment portal. Our secure e-commerce and online payment services provide you with that solution:

  • Digital Banking Security
  • 3D Secure (3DS)
  • Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2)
  • Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)
  • Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Advisory
  • Digital Payments

Point of Sale (POS) and Payment Terminal Security and Deployment

Your customers and you need to know that your products will perform the way they are supposed to. It’s a critical component of your success, especially when those products involve advanced technology and interoperability requirements. For decades, we have worked with technologies that require a deep understanding and expertise of virtual payments. Working with us, you can be confident that your machines will be tested for compliance with the highest standards and that our team will be ready to support you in any way you need.

  • Brand Test Tool (BTT)
  • Personalization Validation Toolkit (PVT)
  • Terminal Vendor Security Advisory
  • Payment Testing Automation
  • Card Brand Certification (CBC)
  • Common SECC
  • Gemalto PURE Kernel
  • Laboratory Services
  • Protocol Verification L3
  • Terminal Acceptance, Automation and Testing

Payment processing infrastructure and application security

Secure and efficient processing of payments is the engine driving the interconnected and cashless world. As technologies develop, consumers expect choice and security. Businesses rely on UL at every stage of the payment process to provide trusted payment expertise that help ensure continuous excellence and innovation throughout their payment infrastructure.

Our global expertise and local presence help guide you through complex local and international compliance requirements.

  • Conclusion Test Manager
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Local payment system evaluation
  • Chip Profile Definition
  • Custom Security Frameworks
  • Host Testing
  • Open Banking
  • PA DSS
  • Straight-Through Processing (STP)
  • Payment Network Certification Testing
  • Payment Processing Certification

Mobile, Contactless and Connected Payment Device Security

In today’s evolving payment ecosystem, consumers are demanding new technologies and payment options. Companies need to stay ahead of the competition with payment methods that are integrated securely and deployed successfully. With a focus on security and data protection, our team of experts can help you evaluate, architect and deploy a mobile, contactless and connected payment ecosystem.

  • Bespoke mobile app evaluation
  • Automotive In-Car Payments
  • Contactless Payments
  • CIS Switch Migration
  • Cloud Based Payments (CBP)
  • Mobile Payments Test Tools
  • Mobile Test Center
  • Host-Based Card Emulation (HCE)
  • Software-Based Mobile Payment Evaluation (SBMP)
  • Mobile Payments Security
  • Quick Response (QR)
  • Secure Element (SE)
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • SM-DP+ Simulator

Physical Payment Card Security

International hacking scandals are putting the spotlight on countries' security loopholes and weaknesses. With many governments calling for higher security, their requirements for secure IT products are increasingly stringent. UL works with international standards and payment network regulations to achieve the highest level of quality for physical payment cards security.

  • Payment Card Functional Test Suites
  • Payment Testing Automation
  • Card Personalization Validation (CPV)
  • UL Card Simulator
  • UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool
  • UL Card Spy

Automated Fare Collection Security

The UL automated fare collection solution provides public transport operators with a secure framework for modernizing and continuously improving fare collection systems. From concept all the way to implementation and launch, UL helps ensure system quality while reducing time to market.

  • AFC Architecture Design
  • AFC Implementation Planning and support
  • AFC Modernization Solution
  • AFC Requirement Engineering Support
  • AFC Rollout Support
  • AFC Strategic Option Evaluation
  • Tokenization in Transit

Digital Payment Testing Automation

Kick off your test automation process with maximum efficiency, scalable to multiple simultaneous terminal test runs, speeding up your development and validation process.

Automatically run mandated test cases qualified by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, UnionPay, JCB and Interac.


UL’s SecureHorizon™ platform is a software as a service (SaaS) based payment testing platform that helps merchants and terminal vendors integrate their payment solutions with processors faster by streamlining the testing and certification experience to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue.

In UL’s SecureHorizon, you can:

  • Test your terminals and PoS on demand, 24/7;
  • Connect your devices under test through TCP/IP;
  • Create/customize ISO 8583 based protocols and create your own test cases (Visa, Mastercard);
  • Start parsing messages and validate host messages right away;
  • Retrieve host test logs in real time.

Formal Approval Services (FAS)

UL is accredited by Mastercard to deliver Card Personalization Validation

(CPV) and Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) Formal Approval Services. UL acts as your trusted knowledge partner and guides you through the Mastercard certification process.

Payment Security Advisory

Our advisory services provide personalized guidance and support that help you accelerate product development, effectively manage safety, compliance and regulatory risks, enhance security and sustainability, and access new markets.

Payment Security Test Tools

All payment networks mandate proper testing before allowing payment devices to be connected to their network infrastructure. The ultimate goal of these tests is to help ensure interoperability and to have an EMV-compliant, payment association-certified terminal that can perform trouble-free transactions within your payment infrastructure.


  • UL 3DS Self Test Platform
  • UL Brand Test Tool
  • UL Card Simulator
  • UL Card Spy
  • UL Cloud-based Functional Test Suites
  • UL PURE Reader Functional Test Suite
  • UL Payment Card Functional Test Suites
  • UL Self Test Platform
  • UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool
  • Visa payWave Test Tool
  • Brand Certification
  • Discover Formal Approval Services
  • EMVCo Mobile Type Approval
  • EMVCo 3DS Certification
  • Level 3 Brand Terminal Certification and Validation
  • MIFARE® Functional Certification
  • Mastercard (M-TIP) Formal Approval Services
  • Terminal Testing and Certification

Payment Security Training

Each day our world becomes more interconnected. Consumers and businesses are excited — and in some cases, a little wary — about the digitization of so many aspects of our lives, such as our devices, payments, vehicles and homes.

At UL, we play a significant role in trusted security and identity management solution projects across industries and the world. We work with banks, financial services companies, manufacturers, retailers, transit operators, governments, regulators, payment networks and various industry bodies to empower innovation. We are dedicated to helping make our connected world safer, more secure and sustainable. 

Our advisers, analysts and engineers leverage their real-world industry experience to make our courses as interactive, effective and straightforward as possible. Our existing courses are frequently updated to keep up with regulatory and market changes, and our new courses are designed to reflect the latest developments, trends and technologies. We aim to help you, your team and your company enhance your existing skill sets and technical knowledge and learn what you need to stay well ahead of the innovation curve.

Why UL

UL helps our customers to implement a holistic approach to security — from product and secure system integration to testing, certification and maintenance of entire infrastructures. We have worked with customers to strengthen their security for more than 100 leading banks, 60 mobile networks, and 50 government and transit operators worldwide.


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