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UL is here to help with your NOM submissions

Trusted solutions to help bring your products to market quickly

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November 11, 2020

How UL can help

As a full-service certification organization, UL is authorized to issue the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) Mark for Mexico Energy Efficiency and Safety. We understand time-to-market is critical, so UL experts have developed services to certify products to NOM requirements quickly.

  • UL is a comprehensive Mexico certification provider with a Mark you can trust; we have tailored solutions to meet your testing needs with fast, flexible and convenient expertise available in customized service bundles.
  • Although your projects can be handled locally, UL has experts in Mexico to help simplify the complex regulations and move your NOM projects forward with ease.
  • UL positions customers for success with strategic compliance paths and consolidated testing that gets products to more markets quickly, helps facilitate expansion into new markets and reduces compliance costs

How the process works

  1. Start off by telling us about your luminaire product; our expert team will ask clarifying questions and develop a customized, easy-to-understand checklist for your NOM project. This immediately saves you time, as the documentation explaining what is needed for a NOM submission is lengthy and can be confusing – we do the work for you. The checklist we provide identifies everything you will need to provide to start the NOM certification process, including:
    • Legal documentation and company information
    • Eight-digit HTS codes (standardized testing code)
    • Product/product family information like test reports, product pictures or spec sheets, and manuals
    • Specific technical information for your luminaires, like diagrams and materials for both the optical systems and electrical devices
    • Marks and labels associated with your product(s)
    • Documentation of safety testing required by NOM; and UL can help with testing in the U.S. and Mexico
  2. Once the checklist is created, we will walk you through each requirement, including details like the criteria for a product label, or language instructions for warranties and other documents. We’ll make sure you understand what needs to be gathered or modified from the start, so you can be prepared.
  3. As you gather the required information for NOM, we’ll help you check off the materials so nothing is missed, and we will review them with you to make sure they meet the criteria. Once all the items on your checklist have been assembled, you will be ready to submit.
  4. We will help you understand the new product marks and labels process for UL-MX NOM Marks.

From start to finish, UL will be there to help you achieve your NOM certification. Contact us at


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