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AFC Evolution – Concepts for a New Ticketing Generation (in Portuguese)

This webinar highlights industry trends and benefits of automatic fare collection (AFC) services in Brazil's transit industry. Learn about the role of the payment ecosystem in the transit domain.

A traveler uses public transport

Watch now: AFC evolution – concepts for a new ticketing generation (in Portuguese)

Join our webinar to hear our technical experts discuss the global trends and potential solutions for the Brazilian transit industry, which can help deliver digital ticketing services to travelers for operating expenditure (OPEX) optimization, improve interoperability and pioneer the implementation of new ticketing concepts in the region.

Webinar date

Nov. 3, 2022


Renato Spudat, senior advisor, Identity Management and Security
Peter Schonewille, lead principal, Identity Management and Security


Today, the transit industry faces several challenges, including digitization, cost reduction, interoperability, a need for enhanced security and better user experience, as well as travelers’ increased technology use.

The closed-loop ticketing platform for public transport is not cost-effective and does not provide a good user experience. The former ticketing services depend heavily on the legacy Mifare technology and closed-loop concepts. They are not scalable or secure enough for the growing threats in data security.

The industry needs a tool that is robust enough and provides interoperability to all involved players in the market, as well as a digital medium for traveler’s ticketing. The UL Solutions webinar, “AFC Evolution — Concepts and Trends for a New Ticketing Generation,” will address the challenges faced by Brazil’s transit industry and how an AFC platform could answer these challenges.

Join us to obtain a:
  • Brief overview of the global transit trends and applicable solutions for the Brazilian market.
  • Deep dive into the updates released by the EMV for urban mobility, global trends on open loop and AFC services.
  • An outline of the path to compliance and regulations.
  • An understanding of what public transit operators and public transit authorities can do now.


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UL Solutions provides public transit operators with a secure framework for modernizing and continuously improving automated fare collection systems.

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