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Chemical Regulatory Advisory Services

Collaborate with our experts to assist with compliance and sustainability needs.

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August 27, 2020


Regulatory compliance requires a deep knowledge of a country’s regulations, combined with expert analysis and interpretation.

When selling a chemical-containing product, it’s essential to record every compound and ensure that all testing requirements are met. Many companies are ill-equipped to address projects of this complexity on their own, and those that do may still end up duplicating costly compound screening efforts.

In today’s marketplace, you want to avoid costly delays getting your products on store shelves and mitigate any risks associated with EHS and regulatory noncompliance. Companies that may already be strapped for resources and unable to keep up with varying regional requirements need a trusted expert to help them streamline the creation and maintenance of chemical registration and other obligations.

With an array of increasingly complex compliance challenges, who can you turn to for assistance?

Our team of world-class regulatory experts can help you address chemical regulatory compliance, crucially saving you time and money.

Our global network of experts provide regulatory support services to assist with:

  • Product development and product launch 
  • Verifying and maintaining product compliance 
  • Staff training on global regulations and best practices 
  • Regulatory data and information 
  • Specific industry issues 
  • Hazard communication and risk assessment (labeling, documents) 
  • Product or component registration/notification, such as REACH and TSCA 
  • Site audit and process review 
  • Developing appropriate processes to support your company’s growth 


Regardless of the size of your company, we have the experienced staff, regulatory and scientific expertise, and automated systems to efficiently provide regulatory auditing, supplemental advisory services and outsourcing options.

Comprehensive regulatory support at your disposal:

  • More than 50 regulatory experts worldwide
  • Serving customers in six continents
  • Multilingual support in more than 30 languages
  • Single assignment and ongoing consultation available

Why UL 

We have helped thousands of companies prepare their products to sell in their target regions. Our experts have spent decades monitoring and working with regulations around the world and can advise you on requirements, identify gaps, review and update necessary Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels, or train your staff to make those assessments.

Speak with one of our experts to learn more about how UL can help you manage the complexities of chemical regulations and pursue global chemical compliance.